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Learning languages with skype is also fun

Program, advantages,target group

In our view, online-learning offers a natural way of learning to speak, listen and write German - give it a try, you'll like it as much as we do!



If you often have to speak on the phone and also write emails frequently, an online course is an ideal option for you. However, it's also an effective way of learning for anybody who wants to improve their speaking and writing skills and pronunciation.



Obvious benefits of online learning include:

  • intensive and focused learning on the phone
  • chance to record each session, enabling unlimited repetition and review
  • speaking and listening tested simultaneously and intensively
  • a real learning situation, on the telephone and at the computer
  • no need to travel - saves time and money
  • more flexibility regarding course time - any time between 7:30 and 21:00
  • continuity of teaching, even when travelling - many of our clients take advantage of this opportunity and rate it highly

This is why learning languages via Skype is very different to other types of "Web-based Training", self-study computer-based programs and online group instruction. This course offers constant interaction with a trainer, rather than an artificial recording, and it is this interaction that we believe to be the motivating and driving force in language learning. CDs and other learning programs can, however, provide good preparation and support for an online learning course. Please let us know if you are currently learning with a CD or German language program. We will be happy to integrate your material into the course.


Target group

We cater for professionals and private individuals, who...

  • need to travel frequently or are restricted as to time and are therefore unable to attend a regular course
  • wish to improve their German after having attended an intensive language course
  • want to prepare for an intensive German course in Germany
  • who want to prepare for an exam (Goethe, telc, TestDaF)
  • who need help with written papers, emails, presentations, reports
  • who want to work on their pronunication

Our online leaners expect...

  • a course program at a time and place to suit them
  • a personal program tailored to individual interests and aims
  • learning continuity, helping them to build and extend their language knowledge.
  • to lose their fear of the telephone and to learn to speak freely
  • to improve their oral expression and pronunciation
  • an intensive training in listening comprehension
  • to learn to communicate quickly and efficiently by email
  • to learn how to give presentations and to write reports effectively
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